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Ever look in the mirror and find your complexion looks a little grey – even without insomnia the night before or that one glass of wine too many? Just a pale complexion that seems to have followed you for a few months (or years) with no real explanation. "It must be genetic," you say to yourself as you look at your reflection in the mirror.

It’s important to know that radiance is the first indicator that reveals the state of health of our skin. In other words, tired looking skin means that something is wrong. The good news is that once you're aware of it, you can pinpoint the source of the problem and remedy the situation quickly and easily.

Causes of dull skin

In order to send our dull complexion into oblivion, we need to know the reason or reasons behind it. After all, it's not uncommon for them to show up as a group.

1. Dehydrated skin: A fresh grape is plumper and brighter than a raisin, right? The same phenomenon occurs with dehydrated skin, resulting in a dull complexion and more pronounced lines and wrinkles.

2. An excess of dead cells: Our skin gets rid of millions of skin cells every day, but with age, this process slows down and these cells accumulate on the surface of the epidermis, hiding the new (and radiant) skin underneath.

3. Wearing a mask: A new reality that messes with many people’s skin! Their biggest flaw: masks tend to block pores and encourage the proliferation of bacteria, resulting in all kinds of pimples. A new term has been coined to describe this phenomenon: "maskne", a hybrid of "mask" and "acne".

4. Environmental aggressors: Pollution and exposure to sunlight and blue light generate their fair share of free radicals. What this means for the skin is weakened collagen production and increased hyperpigmentation. Sagging skin and an uneven skin tone = a tired-looking face.

5. Age: As the clock ticks on, our skin's self-hydration level decreases, slowing down the creation of collagen and increasing the production of melanin, responsible for hyperpigmentation.

6. A damaged lipid barrier: When the outermost layer of the epidermis is compromised, moisture escapes faster and irritants enter more freely.

3 tips to remedy a dull complexion

Clean. Washing your face in the evening is essential to remove impurities, pollution and dirt accumulated during the day. Jouviance Cleansing Foam does a great job, firstly thanks to salicylic acid, which eliminates impurities, and secondly to normalize the quantity and production of sebum in the skin (without ever drying it out!). As for chamomile extract, witch hazel water and aloe vera, they add anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties to the list of benefits.

Exfoliate. An indispensable step if you want to counter the accumulation of dead cells! A chemical exfoliator,Jouviance Glyco Lotion 10 acts as a gentle peel that’s done at home, without any irritating effects. Formulated with 10% glycolic acid (AHA 8% + BHA 2%), it dissolves the grey layer of dead cells to reveal smooth, radiant and detoxified skin and adds anti-aging and anti-acne benefits.

Prefer manual exfoliation? Formulated with bamboo powder and organic olive stones, Hydractiv exfoliator fights dead skin, impurities and clogged pores. As a bonus, its ultra-rich shea butter moisturizes the skin and illuminates the complexion in the process!

Moisturize. What if we could multiply the moisturizing index of our day and night care products while enjoying on-demand hydration all day long? That’s the mission of Eau Blanche by Jouviance, the perfect complement to our Anti-Age 3-in-1, Restructiv and Magistrale creams. Formulated with oxygeskin, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, allantoin and natural glycerin, it deeply moisturizes, oxygenates the skin, normalizes sebum production, has an anti-pollution effect and, as an added bonus, prolongs the hold of makeup. Spray it on as often as you like from morning to night! Be warned…its sweet, natural floral and woody fragrance is highly addictive!

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