Restructiv 3D-Action Set

Restructiv 3D-Action Set

Limited Edition. A $87 value.


      Your anti-aging prevention set!

      Our Restructiv 3D-Action Set contains:

      • Restructiv 3D-Action, First wrinkle anti-aging cream - 30 mL
      • Restructiv Plump FX, Lip plumping serum - 4,7 mL

      All products are full size.

      Our 3D-Action Restructiv Set offers you the rejuvenating power of 3D-Action First Wrinkle Anti-Aging Cream and Plump FX for radiant, plumped skin and lips. It is the ideal set for women 25 years and older who are looking to fight first signs of aging.

      3D-Action is a light day, night and eye contour cream formulated with pure encapsulated retinol that quickly penetrates the skin and targets the first signs of aging by promoting cell turnover and stimulating the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - three essential elements of skin’s youthfulness.

      Reveal soft, moisturized and plumped lips after each application of the Plump FX lip serum offered in this set.