Restructiv Vitamin C Set

Restructiv Vitamin C Set

Limited Edition. A $89 value.


      Our Restructiv Collagen Boost Set includes:

      • Restructiv Vitamin C* - 30 mL
      • Hydractiv Exfoliant* – 100 mL

      *Full size


      Restructiv Vitamin C


      Brighten your skin and stimulate collagen production while you sleep with our Vitamin C Youth Boosting Night Serum, an overnight treatment that works through the wee hours to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and repair damage caused by sun exposure, then acts as a shield throughout the day to protect against free radicals caused by external aggressors (UV radiation and pollution). Its 24 hours of brightening, protecting and correcting action!


      Hydractiv Exfoliant


      Good for both your skin and the environment, Exfoliant Gentle Purifying Scrub is free of plastic microbeads that pollute our waterways. Instead, it contains 100% natural beeds (bamboo powder and organic olive pits) to offer gentle cleansing, detoxifying and brightening to reveal fresh, glowing skin without irritation or a tightening sensation.


      Dermatologist Developed

      • Does not contain parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colourants, artificial fragrances or animal-based ingredients.
      • Not tested on animals.
      • Safe for even the most sensitive skin. (It’s our priority!)