Jouviance celebrates 15 years of anti-aging innovation

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In 2004, what would prove to be a great adventure into the world of medical and aesthetic care, dermatologist Dr. Guy Sylvestre, chemist, Roger Southin and communication expert Nicole Senécal founded Jouviance. Yes, it’s already been 15 years!

From the very beginning, Jouviance has set out to achieve a very precise mission: To combine science with beauty by offering an innovative range of proven, effective and complementary treatments for all skin types, in particular, sensitive skin.

Perfectionists to the core, Sylvestre and Southin wanted to go even further. Long before other companies followed suit, the duo ensured that good practices would become an integral part of their DNA by setting up a blacklist. In other words, for the past 15 years Jouviance has been offering treatments free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colours, artificial fragrances and using ingredients without animal origin that have never been tested on animals.

Today, with a wide range of Canadian-manufactured skin care products that are tested in clinical studies in Canada, Jouviance is proud to have become the country's anti-aging leader while remaining true to its values over the years.


If you’re really paying attention, you’ll have noticed that if Jouviance is celebrating its 15th anniversary, then so is their 3-IN-1 ANTI-AGING CREAM!

Launched in 2004, it revolutionized the world of medical and aesthetic care by establishing itself as the first peptide-based cream and the pioneer of multifunctional products. Morning, evening, eye contour: it can be applied anywhere, at any time of day. A true first!

And since it diminishes deep wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and firmness, increases long-term deep and superficial hydration, slows photoaging and makes skin soft and radiant (whoa, we’re out of breath just naming all its benefits!), it's no wonder it's quickly become part of the beauty routines of so many women.

Jouviance is highlighting the occasion of its 15 th anniversary by launching a limited edition, reimagined formula of its emblematic 3-IN-1 ANTI-AGING Cream.


The classic formula…

  • Peptide (Dermaxyl): Stimulates cellular communication that repairs the skin damage associated with aging.
  • Ceramides 3 and 6: Maintain the correct hypdrolipidic balance of the skin barrier. "Healthy skin" means better reception of other active ingredients.

…And the addition of two new high-performance active ingredients!

  • Dermapep Complex: A combination of new high-performance multifunctional peptides that act on the skin to quickly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (we love it!), even out and improve the complexion's radiance and reduce pigment spots. Did you think that was all? No way! It also provides protection against the harmful effects of urban pollution.
  • Aquacell: Significantly increases the effect of all key factors related to skin hydration.

Thanks to this highly effective, targeted cocktail, 44% of women who have tested the reformulation of the 3-IN-1 ANTI-AGING Cream have noticed an improvement in their skin’s level of hydration and 40% have noticed a decrease in wrinkle depth.*

Good to know: the new limited edition 3-IN-1 ANTI-AGING CREAM is suitable for all skin types and is deliciously perfumed with the natural fragrance of passion fruit.


Since the creation of the 3-in-1 Anti-Aging Cream, Jouviance has continued to expand its range of treatments to better meet the different skin needs of women of all ages.

30 years old and over: The Restructiv range targets the first signs of aging

40 years old and over: The Anti-Age range treats the signs of age already present

50 years old and over: The Magistrale range suits mature skin that shows advanced signs of aging

With targeted skin care that respects the integrity of the skin, Jouviance continues to honour its promise by offering products adapted to the women who use them. After all, at every age, there is an anti-aging effect!


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  • Bravo pour vos 15 ans. Je vous soutiens depuis le commencement. Oui Dr Sylvestre adulé par la toute belle Dominique Bertrand. Je suis fidèle au 3 dans 1 et maintenant j’opte pour la nouvelle crème magistral du haut de mes 60 ans. Encore Bravo!
    Sylvie Guertin on
  • Hi there, 5 years ago today, I bought my first Jouviance micellaire water, cleansing gel, 3-in-1 anti-aging normal to combination cream, antioxidant and purifying scrub. I have tried other product lines but I still prefer & am faithful to using the Jouviance skin care line. In the colder months I switch it up for extra moisture as I have combination skin. I have bought and tried every product from the line and when someone asks which is my favourite, its hard to pick as I love each and every one. Thankyou for keeping my skin healthy and young. I am 48 and without makeup on I have been mistakened as a 23 year old.
    Mila on
  • J’adore les produits jouviance j’utilise les sérum focusfx vitamine c et boots collagène ainsi que la crème 3d-action booster et je suis très satisfaite xx
    martine boisclair on

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