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Neck sculpting gel concentrate

Did you know about...


"Tech-Neck" or "Text-Neck" is the constant neck bending to look at screens, also called "Y-Shape" that leads to:

  • Sagging skin

  • Dropping jowls

  • A distinct crease above the clavicle

In the last 10 years, because of "TECH-NECK", it has become a problem for a generation of younger women.

The "Tech-Neck", or "Text-Neck", crease in found in: women and men 18 to 39, that have an average of 2-3 digital devices and peek at their devices up to 150 times a day (2 to 4 hours a day), accelerating the impact of gravity and natural loss of the skin's elasticity.

Skin slackening is caused by a decrease in production at the dermis level...

  1. 1

    Natural decrease in collagen

    Collagen helps skin firmness.

  2. 2

    Natural decrease in elastin

    Elastin helps skin elasticity.

  3. 3

    Natural decrease in hyaluronic acid production by fibroblasts

    Hyaluronic acid helps with skin’s volume and hydration.

  4. 4

    Natural decrease in hydration

    Collagen helps skin firmness.

A significant problem to overcome...

To keep optimum skin firmness, we must respect skin’s natural structure:

  • Control the types of collagen produced (Collagen I and III)

  • Respect their proportion
    (ratio Collagen I / Collagen III)

  • Evenly distribute the newly produced collagens (I and III)

  • Change the delicate balance between collagen destruction (collagenase, carbamylation) and production of new collagen (Production > Destruction)

The evolution of skin aging
and slackening

  1. 1
    grade 1
    Age: 25 - 32
    Slackening not really noticeable to the eye but which starts at the same time as the start of photoaging.
  2. 2
    grade 2
    Age: 32 - 40
    Slackening not noticeable while at rest, but noticeable during certain voluntary movements. Facial contours are still de ned.
  3. 3
    grade 3
    Age: 40-48
    Slackening noticeable while at rest and by accentuated laugh lines, dark circles or under-eye bags, excess eyelid skin, and the beginning of vertical marionette lines.
  4. 4
    grade 4
    Age: 48 - 60
    Significant slackening at rest with creases around the mouth and loss of definition and facial contours.
  5. 5
    grade 5
    Excess skin. Age range: 40 years old (eye lids), 60+ (face)

Don’t wait any longer!

State-of-the-art technology for youthful-looking skin.

An advanced formula

5 active ingredients

  1. Liftonin-xpert

  2. Actifcol

  3. Filmexel

  4. Gatuline In-Tense

  5. Hyaluronic acid


A new solution to prevent and correct all signs of aging of the jawline, neck and décolleté.

Dermatologist developed for all skin types, even the most sensitive.



Neck sculpting gel concentrate

Sculpts — Rejuvenates — Regenerates

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Actions on the jawline, neck and décolleté

  • Improves firmness and elasticity on the neck and décolleté

  • Reshapes the facial contours (V-Shape)

  • Fills-in deep wrinkles: horizontal (neck) and vertical (décolleté)

  • Provide a restructuring action (Y-Shape) to skin

  • Provides an immediate lifting action

  • Instantly diminishes the appearance of wrinkles while still offering a long-lasting effect

  • Instant resculpting effect on the skin

  • Instant improvement in skin density and firmness

  • Hydrates skin deep down

  • Restores skin's volume

Proven results

  • 73

    Reduces the

    depth of wrinkles

  • 81


    skin firmness

  • 84

    Contours appear

    more defined

  • 100


    optimal skin hydratation