How to choose the right eye contour care

Know the expression "the eyes are the mirror of the soul"? At Jouviance, we like to say that they are also areflection of age. More fragile and thinner than the skin of the rest of the face, the eye contour area reveals as much about our lifestyle as the years that go by. Stress, lack of sleep, too much sun, the passing of time: it's simple – our eyes don't lie!

In addition to all these factors that make this area vulnerable, we also have to consider the repetitive movements, like our nearly 30,000 daily blinks andour range of facial expressions such as laughter and surprise. Feel likegiving up? Not so fast.

You don’t have to stop smiling to prevent the signs of aging! The solution is much simpler: find an eye contour treatment adapted to your needs. These products, unlike facial moisturizers, are specifically designed to treat this temperamental area and are formulated to reduce any risk of eye irritation.

Choosing the right eye care product

First and foremost, it’s important to identify our main needs. Are you looking to decongest and revive your under eye area? Or would you rather find a smoother and more lifted look? Depending on your concerns, Jouviance can help you regain a refreshed and rejuvenated eye contour area.

Scenario #1: Blur the signs of fatigue, such as dark circles and puffiness and illuminate the eyes.

Solution: Revive Invigorating Eye Serum


Its benefits: Late night? Stressful workday? This is the treatment to integrate into your beauty routine right away. In addition to diminishingunder eye bags by reducing puffiness and water retention, it activates microcirculation, making bluish and purplish dark circles things of the past! A little something extra: as soon as you apply it, you’ll enjoy its calming, soothing effect on the skin around the eyes. Fatigue? What fatigue?

How to apply: After washing your face with Jouviance MicelleSolution or Cleansing Milk or Gel, gently apply the product around the eye and on the upper eyelid, just before applying our anti-aging cream. For optimal results, repeat morning and evening.

Proven results: 86% of women noticed an immediate lifting effect and increased radiance. After eight weeks of use, 63% of them saw a significant reduction in their dark circles.

Scenario #2: Reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles and lift the upper eyelid.

Solution: FocusFX Eye Serum

Its benefits: It fights the signs of agingwith its triple action formula that smooths, lifts and illuminates.Its combination of (non-irritating!) continuous-release retinoland concentrated plant extracts stimulatescellular renewal and tones and smooths the upper eyelid. Hyaluronic acid and argireline are added to this super list of ingredients to instantly nourish the epidermis and provide an anti-gravity effect for six hours. Regained firmness and elasticity deliver a rejuvenated and rested look!

How to apply: On clean, dry skin, gently pat the product around the eyes and on the upper eyelid with circular motions. To maximize results, apply it morning and evening before your anti-aging cream.

Proven results: After just two weeks, wrinkles appear50% less visible. And that's not all: 80% of the women who tested it noticed a more hydrated, luminous, smooth and lifted* eye contour.

So which one would you choose: Revive Invigorating Eye Serumor FocusFX Eye Serum?

*30-day clinical trial with 25 participants.