3 essential steps for a beautiful start to the school year

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Any change in season takes its toll on our skin! As we transition from hot summer days to cool fall weather, we must first repair the damage that summer has left behind before we address the impact these weather roller coasters have on our skin.

How does summer affect our skin?

Don't be fooled by that famous summer trick: just because our skin glistens (hello, heat wave!), doesn't mean it's hydrated. On the contrary! The factors that contribute to dehydrated skin are everywhere! Hours spent under the sun, chlorine in the pool, the comings and goings from inside (air conditioning) to outside (extreme heat) and insufficient water consumption – sooner or later, our pretty faces pay the price. And the list of undesirable reactions doesn’t end there.

In addition to the pigment spots caused by sun exposure, the layering of products like makeup with sunscreen, mixed with unavoidable sweat, creates the perfect conditions for blocked pores, bacteria accumulation and consequently, unwanted pimples!

Don't panic! It’s possible to stop these unwanted effects! Just follow these steps:

1. Cleanse

Any good beauty routine must first start with a thorough cleansing! Jouviance's new Hydractiv Cleansing Foam moisturizes and removes dead skin and impurities with its blend of salicylic acid, chamomile extract, witch hazel water and aloe vera. Soap-free and alcohol-free, it balances the skin's pH and normalizes sebum production to deliver a mattifying effect from sunrise to sunset. We even manage to save a few minutes in the evening, since it does double duty as a makeup remover! Note: Hydractiv Micelle Solution should be used to remove eye makeup.

2. Treat

Want to work on pigment spots, complexion brightness and the general level of skin hydration in a single step? Get it all done with the multitasking action of glycolic acid. A star ingredient in our Glyco 10 line, it has a wide range of benefits. By the way, the number 10 in the product name indicates its concentration percentage; 10% is the highest quantity permitted in over-the-counter products.

The exfoliating properties of glycolic acid reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing the skin's texture. It also reduces sunspots, delivers a more uniform complexion, tones the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production and maximizes the overall effectiveness of our beauty routine, improving the absorption of other products used.

Whether as a lotion or cream, both formulas offered by Jouviance are formulated with moisturizing agents, such as hyaluronic acid (ideal for replumping skin), jojoba seed oil and vitamin E.

Directions for use: It is recommended for nighttime use to give our skin a chance to regenerate itself out of reach of the sun's rays. From now until the end of the summer, it should be used in tandem with a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen, which should be applied every two hours.

3. Refine

The little something that may have slipped our minds this summer: our beautiful smile! Sensitive to UV rays and extreme conditions, just like our skin, our lips need more attention at this time of year. So how do we properly pamper our pucker? By carrying Restructiv Plump FX in our purse for a moisturizing and beautifying treatment on the go. Thanks to a blend of ingredients such as Volulip™, Maxilip™, hyaluronic acid, adenosine, mint and ginger, this slightly pinkish serum with an instant volumizing effect blurs fine lines around the mouth and improves the texture of the lips while leaving them with a clearly defined contour.

Pro tip: For optimal results, apply three times daily for 30 days.

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