4 Reasons to Add a Serum to your Beauty Routine

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Powerful. Concentrated. Targeted. Gotta love serums! These little Pandora's boxes hold a thousand and one powers. It’s no wonder so many women swear by them while others still try to demystify: 

1) their real function 
2) if they really need them. Let’s clarify this cosmetic enigma, once and for all.

What is a serum?

A serum is a highly concentrated formula of active ingredients that target specific issues (wrinkles, pigment spots, lack of radiance, etc.). More fluid than anti-aging moisturizers, serums treat in depth with unrivalled effectiveness. In some cases, one serum can be used consecutively with another serum (one by day, one by night!) as part of your daily skin care routine to maximize the benefits!

4 reasons to add a serum to a beauty routine

Our skin is dehydrated

The signs: There are many of them! Tightness, dryness and roughness: each of these signs indicate that our skin is in need of a serious hydration boost.

What can we do? Since dryness can be caused by a multitude of internal and external factors (like stress or pollution and others), it’s best to treat it on all fronts. And that's exactly the approach taken by Hydractiv Serum+.

Thanks to its Boreal-Balance complex, it reduces the loss of moisture in the epidermis and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis to deliver a long-lasting moisturizing effect. As for the hydrolipid barrier, it regains maximum health when in contact with black spruce bark extract.

Our skin lacks radiance

The signs: Visible to the naked eye, signs include a dull, almost dim complexion and are often associated with damage caused by photoaging, such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigment spots.

What can we do? Restructiv Vitamin C serum is added to our night beauty routine for its brightening and correcting properties. Concentrated at 20%, the maximum amount that can be absorbed by the skin, this new form of pure vitamin C, called ETVC, is eight times more powerful than standard vitamin C. Another significant difference is that its stability ensures that its efficiency is not compromised by light or heat. This also explains why it will not change colour or smell over time!

With regards to our face, in addition to illuminating the complexion, vitamin C ETVC protects the skin against free radicals (UV rays, pollution, blue light, etc.), restores collagen production and reduces wrinkles and fine lines for a radiant complexion.

Our skin shows the first signs of aging

The signs: The passage of time first shows up with the appearance of more marked furrows, less plumped skin and a loss of luminosity.

What can we do? Don't panic! There’s no need to go under the knife! Instead, put Restructiv Collagen Boost serum to work. In just two weeks, it creates a plumping effect comparable to hyaluronic acid* injections. Want to know the secret? Its exclusive pro-collagen activator complex promotes the production of collagen and elastin while protecting future tissue degradation. In tandem with encapsulated pure retinol, it improves the complexion and diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and pigment spots.

Our skin lacks firmness and density

The signs: Less smooth than in the past, our skin shows deeper wrinkles that are often accompanied by pigment spots, sagging skin and a dehydrated epidermis.

What can we do? Use of an ultra concentrated formula, such as Magistrale Ultime Elixir is ideal. With its three oils (organic argan, macadamia nut and organic Sacha Inchi), it activates cell renewal, corrects wrinkles, regenerates and rebalances the skin's hydrolipid barrier. This effective trio is boosted with two ultra-powerful active ingredients: Gatuline® In-Tense and Lachestim, which provide a lifting and redensifying action in addition to stimulating collagen and elastin production.

* Results 2 weeks after hyaluronic acid injection or after 2 weeks of use, based on a 60-day clinical study of 20 women aged 53 to 68 years.

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