5 Secrets to revive dull, tired skin

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Question: Do you find your skin lacks radiance?

If you answered yes, you're not alone.

After several months of freezing cold temperatures and light-deprivation, it’s quite normal that our skin is not at its best. Dull, irritated and dehydrated, let's just say it’s seen better days! A few days before spring, we can use a targeted treatment plan to get our skin back on its feet and revive its glow to the power of ten.

Restructiv Vitamin C Youth Boosting Night Serum

What it is: A dual-action serum that reduces wrinkles and brightens the complexion while you sleep.

How it works: Its potency is based on the use of a revolutionary vitamin C molecule, ETVC, which is eight times more effective than its standard version, L-Ascorbic. With a concentration of 20% (the highest level that the skin can absorb) and the addition of vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, you wake up with plumped-up skin and a coveted glow.

The little extra: During the day, it acts as a shield against external free radicals, slowing down the harmful effects of pollution and UV rays on our skin.

Jouviance Restructiv Vitamine C

Hydractiv Exfoliant Gentle Purifying Scrub

What it is: A cleansing scrub that softens the skin and increases its radiance index. As a bonus, it is free of plastic microbeads so it’s gentle on the environment.

Its benefits: Organic bamboo and olive stone powder refine the skin's texture and unclog pores to reveal a radiant complexion in no time! As for shea butter, it restores the skin's natural moisture level.

The little extra: Since this scrub provides a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation, it can be used up to three times a week.

Jouviance Hydractiv Exfoliant

Restructiv Glyco Creme 10% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cream

What it is: A powerful glycolic acid-based night cream that targets all signs of aging, without exception.

Its benefits: Glycolic acid is an ultra-effective chemical exfoliant known to stimulate cell renewal. Result: This treatment blurs and prevents hyperpigmentation, corrects fine lines and wrinkles and evens out the complexion. As a bonus, its unique slow-diffusion technology combined with the QV3 soothing complex ensures an irritation-free application.

Pro tip: We gradually integrate it into our beauty ritual by applying it every other night. Once our skin gets used to it, we can use it daily. Good news: Our studies have shown that it does not cause any irritation, even when used every day.

Jouviance Restructiv Glyco Creme 10

Anti-Age Eye Revive Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum

What it is: Late night? This multi-action serum instantly reduces signs of fatigue caused by stress and lack of sleep.

Its benefits: Say goodbye to under-eye bags thanks to the addition of caffeine, a powerful decongestant and an outstanding microcirculation activator. As for the lifting and firming effect, it’s provided by the triple action pro-collagen peptide. Simply pat the product gently around the eye contour area to relieve puffy, tired eyes.

The little extra: This formula is refreshing and has an immediate invigorating effect, a feature that is especially appreciated on tough mornings.

Jouviance Anti-Age Regard

Restructiv SkinGlowFX Skin Perfecting Blur Cream

What it is: A formula that fuses the benefits of an anti-aging cream with a complexion-perfecting makeup base all in a single tube.

Its benefits: For those who dream of flawless skin, this enhancingformula does it all. In addition to nourishing the epidermis, it camouflages redness and other imperfections, smooths the skin’stexture, mattifies oily skin and evens out the complexion. Oh yeah, it also maximizes the wear of our makeup!

The little extra: No more headaches trying to find the right shade for our skin, this multi-function beauty care comes in a universal shade!

Jouviance Restructiv Skinglow FX

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