​How to get fuller lashes and eyebrows in eight weeks with Lash FX

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Did you know that the longest eyelash ever measured was 6.99 cm? The average length for women is around 10 mm! And to make this record all the more remarkable, it’s held by a man!

Although impressive, no one wants to have to deal with such long lashes. Nevertheless, telescopic, full eyelashes and eyebrows have enjoyed a resounding popularity for more than a few years. From eyelash extensions to pencilled-in eyebrows, any way you get them be sure you get them right!

What if, instead of creating the illusion of longer and more generous eyelashes and fuller eyebrows, it was possible to achieve this result with the use of a single product? That's the promise of Restructiv Lash FX.

Understanding the life cycle of eyelashes and eyebrows

Before you can experience the benefits of Restructiv Lash FX, you should first get to know a little bit about the different phases of eyelash and eyebrow growth.

Anagen phase: The eyelash takes root in the hair follicle thanks to the nutrients transported by the blood vessels. The duration of growth varies from one person to another.

Catagen phase: Shorter than the previous phase, the eyelash stops developing and slowly degrades during this phase. The follicle slows down its activity and the bulb rises to the surface of the epidermis. The eyelash stops growing, but it won't fall out right away. A new eyelash has to grow first.

Telogen phase: The eyelash is nearing the end of its life. In rest mode, it remains on the free edge of the eyelid until the root of the new lash is strong enough to dislodge it.

Fall out phase: The new lash makes its way to the surface of the skin, causing the old lash to fall out.

New anagen phase: The new eyelash begins to grow and the cycle begins again!

RESTRUCTIV LASH FX: a two-step treatment

Lash FX offers continuous treatment thanks to its two tips – one containing a daytime formula and the other an evening formula. This unique characteristic is part of its proven effectiveness.

In the evening

Five active ingredients – Capixyl™, Anagain™, Redensyle™, Danagen™ and Phytocelltec™ – make up this high-performance serum that stimulates the growth and redensification of eyelashes and eyebrows, in addition to increasing their quantity from the anagen to telogen phase and strengthening their structure.

They also encourage collagen production, resulting in better anchoring of the eyelash and eyebrow and reactivate the stem cells of the hair follicle for impressive growth in record time.

In the daytime

The star ingredient of this fortifying base is an active ingredient called Capixyl™. Present at its maximum concentration in this formula, it strengthens and densifies lashes. It is complemented by vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging of the lashes while deeply moisturizing them. And since the formula is tinted universal black, it can be worn alone for a natural effect or under your favourite mascara for an intensified look!

Results that speak for themselves

In our clinical study*, participating women noticed an average increase in eyelash length of 45%. In some cases, this figure was as high as 61%! Are you convinced yet?

*8-week clinical study conducted with 43 participants who used both products (serum in the evening and tinted base in the morning).

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