How to take care of irritated, sensitized skin?

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Just a few years ago, 50% of women reported having sensitive skin. Today,this proportion is as high as 91% in some parts of the world . So what's changed?

What you need to know is that so-called sensitive skin is often a self-diagnosed condition. In many cases, however, it is not actually sensitive skin, but rather sensitized skin. You may ask, "Isn't that the same thing?" Not quite.

The causes behind sensitized skin

Sensitive skin is a permanent epidermal condition, whereas sensitized skin occurs sporadically in response to an intrinsic or extrinsic change.

This new hypersensitivity can be the result of a host of factors: an inflammatory reaction due to chemical contact, a weakened skin barrier – a condition that promotes dehydration and the penetration of possible irritants – stress, hormonal fluctuations, extreme temperatures, air conditioning, heating, the’s a long list!

With our hectic lifestyle, today's environmental aggressors and our increasingly complicated beauty routines, it's no wonder that more sensitive skin is being reported.

Treating irritated or sensitized skin: the right course of action

Fortunately, you can regain control by opting for formulas that are highly moisturizing, soothing and, above all, adapted to sensitive skin. The goal? To rehydrate our skin down deep and repair its weakened barrier – a must for dealing with irritated skin.

We turn to these three Jouviance products, specially designed to meet the needs of skin that’s either dry, red, cracked or atopic – or all of the above.

All-in-one: Coconut Melting Balm

What is it? A multipurpose moisturizing, soothing cream with anti-inflammatory properties.

We love it because...It deeply moisturizes and helps repair the skin barrier thanks to its two key ingredients: coconut oil and hyaluronic acid. As a bonus, its healing powers have the ability to pamper skin weakened by burns, inflammation or other irritants.

Good to know: It can be used from head to toe! However you use it – as a body moisturizer, a night mask for the face, a hair serum or a baby balm – it’s a must-have.

Intense Repair Cream: Skin Rescue

What is it? An expert repairing and moisturizing treatment that instantly soothes very dry, irritated skin. Formulated for both the body and face, it’s ideal for the whole family!

We love it because...It has a high concentration of biolipids (6.9%) so it’s ultra-effective in rebalancing the skin's lipid barrier. With a list of ingredients that includes ceramides, omegas (3, 6, 9) and cholesterol, it’s the best ally for flaky, cracked, red, dehydrated or eczema-stricken skin (by the way: it totally safe for use on the upper eyelids). And last but not least, it’s even suitable for babies and children!

Instant hydration: Crème-Gel

What is it? A light cream with a gel texture that quenches and soothes thirsty skin upon application. Its secret? A powerful blend of Boréal-hydra (a multi-action moisturizing complex), coconut oil and vitamin E.

We love it because...It restores the skin's optimal moisture level in just 48 hours! And that's not all: it also boosts the production of hyaluronic acid to plump up wrinkles and fine lines and prevent premature skin aging.

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