Retinol: benefits and myths

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What is retinol?

Retinol, a vitamin A derivative, has been used by dermatologists to treat acne since the 1970s. Now recognized for its ability to rapidly reduce the signs of aging, retinol is the ingredient of choice for radiant, rejuvenated skin.

Retinol myths

Perhaps you've already heard one of the following statements: "retinol is not suitable for sensitive skin", "retinol cannot be applied during the day", "retinol does not combine with Vitamin C" or "retinol should not be used on exfoliated skin".

Discover our experts' answers to these popular myths.


Are retinol-based products suitable for sensitive skin?

Every skin is unique and reacts differently to retinol. For the most sensitive skins, a gradual integration is recommended in order to smoothly get used to it. 3D-Retinol+ multi-action cream uses patented encapsulation technology to gradually release retinol onto the skin, thereby limiting side effects. This formula is particularly suited to sensitive skin for optimal tolerance. That's right, even sensitive skin can use retinol. That's our number 1 priority at Jouviance!


Our advice?

Optimize retinol tolerance by combining it’s use with moisturizing and soothing agents.

In case of skin sensitivity, reduce the frequency of application down to once a day and if needed, take a break and resume a gradual introduction.


Can retinol be applied during the day?

Retinol is traditionally used in the evening, as the molecule is unstable when exposed to light. However, thanks to advances in cosmetic formulation, there are now sources of stabilized retinol, such as Jouviance's unique encapsulation system. Thanks to this innovation, retinol can now be applied in the daytime. However, it is important to note that retinol can increase sensitivity to UV rays, even when applied only in the evening. It is consequently recommended to apply a sunscreen everyday of minimum 30 SPF.


Retinol and Vitamin C: Can they be combined in a beauty routine?

Retinol and vitamin C are two key ingredients in skincare to fight the signs of aging and achieve a radiant complexion.However, concerns about their compatibility are common.

Standard vitamin C requires a weak acid environment to remain stable, which can make it difficult to combine with other ingredients. At Jouviance, the vitamin C we use (ETVC) is the only source of pure vitamin C that is stable to light and heat. This subtlety is what makes it easier to combine with other ingredients. Compared to standard Vitamin C (ETC), it requires a less acidic environment to remain stable. This stable encapsulated molecule offers superior skin tolerance and continuous release between applications, further enhancing its efficacy. By combining these two active ingredients (retinol and vitamin C), you can benefit from high antioxidant protection and effectively fight the signs of aging by stimulating your collagen production. Get ready to say goodbye to pigmentation spots!


Is it unsafe to exfoliate the skin before using retinol? What you need to know

The source of confusion stems from the idea that the acidity of AHAs and BHAs, two ingredients frequently found in exfoliants, can potentially alter the skin's pH if overused, which can disrupt the benefits of retinol.

Used before or alternating with 3D-Retinol+ multi-action cream, Glyco Pads 10 are one of the most effective treatments for preventing and correcting the first signs of aging. Exfoliation and retinol skincare are therefore compatible, but it's important to introduce chemical exfoliants to your routine in alternation with retinol skincare for the first few uses. Find out how to incorporate retinol into your beauty routine!


Restructiv 3D-Retinol + cream by Jouviance

Our retinol cream offers a rich, creamy texture, ideal for normal to dry skin, and is specially developed to effectively treat the first signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture and tone, as well as imperfections.

With optimal skin tolerance, our cream delivers visible results and healthy-looking skin.


AActions of 3D-Retinol + cream: : Smooth, revive and protect!

Retinol, + Bakuchiol, + Peptides

Our cream is formulated with pure encapsulated retinol, the purest and most effective source of retinol available without a prescription. Thanks to our patented encapsulation technology, our cream offers optimal tolerance and absorption. We've also added complementary active ingredients to amplify retinol absorption and maximize the benefits for your skin. The cream has been enriched with bakuchiol and peptides. The addition of these active ingredients to vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba and sunflower extracts, increases the efficacy of retinol and its benefits, prevents collagen degradation and thus offers smoother, more supple skin that adapts to sensitive skin.


How to apply and use Jouviance 3D-Retinol + multi-action cream ?

3D-Retinol + has been specially designed to treat the first signs of aging, and integrates perfectly with the Restructiv range. For a gradual integration of the retinol cream, start with an application every other night. Then, depending on your skin's tolerance, increase the frequency to twice a day, morning and evening. Apply one pump to the face, then another to the neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye area. Don't forget to complete your routine with a daily sun protection of at least SPF 30.

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