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Dark spots are an extremely common skin condition. Also known as hyperpigmentation, brown spots, age spots or lentigo, they appear around the mid-thirties, mainly in areas exposed to the sun, and especially on the face. These spots can also appear in younger people in cases of prolonged overexposure to the sun or tanning booth use.

Other factors combine with UV rays to cause the appearance of dark spots. Premature aging, hormonal changes, taking medication, hyperpigmentation even occurs in some mothers-to-be, which is commonly known as "pregnancy mask". Not to mention the reddish marks left by acne or injury scars. In short, few women are without pigmentation spots.

How do they form?

Melanin production is a completely natural process in the skin. What’s its purpose? To defend the skin against UV burns. When UV rays hit the skin, they stimulate melanocytes which, in turn, trigger melanin production. This melanin then rises to the surface of the skin giving it its golden hue; what we know as a tan.

On the other hand, an overproduction of melanin can cause the appearance of melanosomes, or in other words, pigmentation spots.

Daily prevention of the appearance of dark spots

First and foremost, when it comes to prevention, it’s important to protect yourself from the sun's rays by using SPF 50+ sun protection and wearing appropriate clothing such as a beach hat. Antioxidant protection against photoaging is also essential, as is maintaining good skin health to combat spots daily.

If hyperpigmentation is already well established, specific treatments such as fractional laser or microdermabrasion are recommended.

However, if you want to limit the development of pigmentation spots in a single step while fading those that have already appeared, you can rely on the latest medical and aesthetic innovation from Jouviance: PROCORRECT+ multi-corrective radiance-revealing serum.

The solution to hyperpigmentation: PROCORRECT+ multi-corrective radiance serum

Correct hyperpigmentation, even out the complexion and protect against photoaging in record time*: these are the principles of this powerful Jouviance treatment. The secret of this medical aesthetic feat? Four high-performance active ingredients.

Genowhite: Superior Spot Corrector

This patented peptide with ultra-fast skin penetration reduces the size and intensity of pigmentation spots in just 14 days*. Two weeks later, its benefits are visible on the complexion, which has quickly become brighter and more even toned.

Aurora Borealis: Complexion enhancer

Convinced that your youthful glow is a thing of the past? This extract of white pine from the Canadian boreal forest will change your mind. In addition to reducing the size and intensity of dark spots (yes, that too!), it infuses the skin with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers. The result? In two weeks*, skin is more radiant than ever.

Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant

This super form of vitamin C fades and limits hyperpigmentation and brightens skin tone. An antioxidant shield, ETVC is the only form of vitamin C that is stable to light and heat, and provides SPF protection for the skin.

Dragon fruit extract: Guardian of the microbiome

What does this unique ingredient do? It maintains the correct balance of the skin's microbiome and strengthens the skin's natural defences. The health of our skin is maximized, as is the radiance of our complexion.

How to incorporate it into your beauty routine

Thanks to its light texture and extremely fast absorption, PROCORRECT+ multi-corrective radiance serum fits perfectly into any skincare routine. Apply it to a freshly cleansed face in the morning and evening, and then continue with your usual routine. A simple gesture for maximum impact.

Beauty Routine 30+: Prevent spots and enhance your complexion


  2. Day: Restructiv ENERGY FX Youth anti-pollution concentrate
  3. Night: Restructiv Vitamin C Youth boosting night serum
  4. Restructiv Focus FX Multi-action eye serum
  5. Restructiv 3D-Action Boost First wrinkle anti-aging cream

Beauty Routine 40+: Correct spots and reveal your youthful glow


  2. Anti-Age Contour+ Sculpting gel concentrate
  3. Anti-Age Eye Revive Anti-fatigue eye serum
  4. 3-IN-1 Duo Pro Advanced anti-aging cream + Booster serum or Anti-Age 3-IN-1 Rejuvenating anti‑aging cream


  2. Anti-Age Eye Revive Anti-fatigue eye serum
  3. Restructiv Glyco Crème 10% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Night Cream or Dream Cream Night Repair Cream-In-Mask Intensive Anti-Aging Skincare

Beauty Routine 50+: Advanced solution to combine skin comfort and intensive correction


  2. Magistrale Ultime Elixir Serum
  3. Magistrale Ultime Eyes Anti-aging regenerating eye cream
  4. Magistrale Ultime Anti-aging regenerating cream


  2. Magistrale Ultime Eyes Anti-aging regenerating eye cream
  3. Restructiv Glyco Crème 10% Glycolic acid exfoliating night cream or Dream Cream Night Repair Cream-In-Mask Intensive anti-aging skincare

Routine to fight pigment spots with PROCORRECT+ and Retinol


  2. Restructiv Collagen Boost Wrinkle Filling Serum
  3. Restructiv Focus FX Multi-action eye serum
  4. Restructiv 3D-Action First wrinkle anti-aging cream or Restructiv 3D-Action Boos First wrinkle anti-aging cream
Now the big question: Are you ready to say goodbye to dark spots?

* 8-week clinical study with 22 participants. Average age: 52 years.

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